Changing Perspective...

Its mid year! Im working on a few things, changing up my style a bit and focusing on photography as an art. My entire perspective of Tulips & Tangerines has changed. And I'm hoping that as you look at my recent works, you will fall in love with the art of photography.

Mr. & Mrs. Hou

Posted on November 9, 2016

hou7 hou15 hou4 hou5 hou8 hou6 hou9 hou2 hou17 hou19 hou3 hou10
hou11 hou12 hou13 hou14 hou1 hou16 hou21 hou22

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Mr. & Mrs. Litel

Posted on November 4, 2016

litel_site_16 litel_site_13 litel_site_18 litel_site_14
litel_site_2 litel_site_15 litel_site_4 litel_site_12 litel_site_11 litel_site_9 litel_site_8 litel_site_5 litel_site_7

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Mr. & Mrs. Moreau

Posted on August 30, 2016

moreau__01 moreau__02 moreau__03 moreau__04 moreau__05 moreau__06 moreau__07 moreau__08 moreau__09 moreau__10 moreau__11 moreau__12 moreau__13 moreau__14 moreau__15 moreau__16 moreau__17 moreau__18 moreau__19 moreau__20 moreau__21 moreau__22 moreau__23 moreau__24 moreau__25 moreau__26 moreau__27 moreau__28 moreau__29 moreau__30 moreau__31 moreau__32 moreau__33 moreau__34 moreau__35 moreau__36 moreau__37 moreau__38 moreau__39

Venue: Lake Oak Meadows at Vitagliano Winery, Temecula, CA  | Wedding Coordinator: Haley Radford | Florals: Finicky Fifi | Party Rental: Madam Palooza | Bakery: Sugar Divas | Second Shooter: Brooke Hicken | Video: Lexicon

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Mike & Marcela

Posted on May 16, 2016

mm_web_00 mm_web_32 mm_web_01 mm_web_02 mm_web_03 mm_web_04 mm_web_05 mm_web_06 mm_web_07 mm_web_09 mm_web_08 mm_web_10 mm_web_11 mm_web_12 mm_web_13 mm_web_14 mm_web_15 mm_web_16 mm_web_17 mm_web_18 mm_web_19 mm_web_20 mm_web_21 mm_web_22 mm_web_23 mm_web_24 mm_web_25 mm_web_26 mm_web_27 mm_web_28 mm_web_29 mm_web_31 mm_web_30

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Mr. & Mrs. Yeung

Posted on April 27, 2016

jj30jj21jj18 jj33jj32
_MG_7585jj35jj34jj5jj4 jj8 jj16 jj29 jj11 jj27 jj9 jj3 jj26 jj25 jj23 jj1 jj19 jj14 jj12 jj2 jj13 jj15 jj10 jj22 jj24 jj36 jj20Venue: Five Crowns Restaurant | Hotel: Pelican Hill | Wedding Coordinator: Uting Hsu | Florals: Flowers By Cina | Party Rental: Baker Party Rentals | Photo Booth: Orange Box Photo Booth | Cake: Simply Sweet Cakery | Second Shooter: Brooke Hicken

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Chelsea & Caesar

Posted on July 27, 2016

chelsea_01 chelsea_02 chelsea_03 chelsea_04 chelsea_05 chelsea_06 chelsea_07 chelsea_08 chelsea_09 chelsea_10 chelsea_11 chelsea_12 chelsea_13 chelsea_14 chelsea_15 chelsea_16 chelsea_17 chelsea_18 chelsea_19 chelsea_20 chelsea_21 chelsea_22 chelsea_23 chelsea_24

I had the pleasure of second shooting for Brooke Ann Photography. I enjoyed every second!

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Happy Birthday

Posted on July 10, 2016

ruiz_37 ruiz_31 ruiz_41 ruiz_20 ruiz_26 ruiz_35 ruiz_30 ruiz_33

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