Looking back on 2016

My experiance this year has brought new light & expectations for my weddings booked in 2017, I have a love for relationships and the emotions that are pulled out durring a wedding. I obsess over not only the first look from a groom, but a fathers gentle kiss, and a mothers dance with her son. I was able to be a Maid of Honor this year, to my sister which was the best gift of all. I felt the emotion from the other side, I was able to anticipate my grandmothers tear, my fathers prayer, my mothers as she kissed my sister on the cheak. My siblings excitement & joy filled the room as they danced the night away. A wedding is about the bride & groom, but guys, its about the family that made them too. And at every single wedding I shot & was part of this year, I was able to see the love that their family & friends refelcted onto that very special once in a lifetime day.

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